Stoned Alone

by Coma Cinema

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Recorded at the Off Key Corral in the early part of 2010.

Dedicated to Samantha Clubb


released June 1, 2010

Trumpet on "Black Birthday Cake" by a drunk person



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Coma Cinema North Carolina

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Track Name: In Lieu of Flowers
feel her swell inside my head
spirit can i trust you yet?
walking to the car
ringing through my heart
were the words i'd never say to you

the winter is between your teeth
and sleeps where you bite down on me
how fast the feeling grows
from a place i'm scared to go
covered in a darkness all your own

fake a smile and dry lips bleed
no way to hide my feelings
how fast our love has pulled
itself to rituals
with no way to have the things it needs
Track Name: Black Birthday Cake
dead teenager girl
had her special day in hell
with a big black birthday cake
why try to escape your future or your fate?
you have made yr home

dead teenagers tell
the living ones what to feel
and no one fights it too hard
you can't tell a lie to the lie in your mind
that you have made your home
Track Name: Stupid Blood
apologies to the bitter sea
i gave it the best that i had
drowning in phony sympathy
until everything goes bad

stupid blood in a heart that weighs you down
down down into your life

howling out at nothing
as it passes by the house
all the time and money high enough
to see my heaven out

useless mind learning how to die
die die die in your life
Track Name: Only
rest my head on the wall outside
as my pain waits to die
i can only get so high
until it feels right to die

time survives in my bad luck
too bored to give a fuck
i can only get so high
until it feels right to die

why give up?
why should i try?
our love is an honest lie
we can only get so high
until it feels right to die
Track Name: Sucker Punch
I didn't love your yesterday
Now I always will

One good death deserves another
Gonna drive these feelings out
of my heart and drown them in the lake
Track Name: Stoned Alone
i take it easy
get high and die
death is whatever
same goes for life

i don't believe in what
i believed in for such a long time

i feel so easy
stoned and alone
heaven is boring
hell is my home

i don't believe in what
i believed in for such a long time
Track Name: Her Vore
kill this evil buried dead
stirred awake inside my head
heal this worried mind of mine
demon traces in these little lines

what have you done to me?

beautiful surrounded eyes
but darkness rots away that little light
the voice of your child
speaks no words just cries
and cries and cries and cries and cries

what have you done to her?

the broken heart walks right in
sits and stares and has a vision
surrendering his only pain
every dream forever's nightmare

what have you done to him?
Track Name: Bath of Time
boredom flying through my head
before crash landing in her bed
mysteries ill never solve to watch my misery dissolve
in a bath of time swirling down the drain

painful isn't it to care?
but suffering is unaware
of so called friends who needle you
into a place that is no use
to know that they can profit from your pain

your higher mind says run away
but your god is asking you to stay
no reason to trust anyone
as evil heat swims from the sun
to slow that time in your winded veins
Track Name: Tall Grass
my mind is ready to die
seeds of infertility
are growing into ghostly trees

taken root in some selfish plea
forgiven for being born ugly
and set free on a bitter wind

there is no high high enough
no love keeps you satisfied
a rotting eternity in your arms
desperate lovers in an old house
slowly burning through the ground
will one day be entirely forgotten

where little feet walk tall grass
Track Name: Come on Apathy!
wasted, laughing at winter birds
give up feeling like half awake
i want you to waste my time
come on apathy! heal me from inside

after a while I can't go to sleep
I am forever married to being
alive with you outside of time
come on apathy! heal me from inside

always awake when your are still in bed
I get so bored talking to your cat
and feeling set aside by time
come on apathy! heal me from inside
Track Name: She
have me as your baby
let me be your child
all your little animals now run wild

paint me in your pictures
tie me to the tracks
when your animals are hungry they'll come back

everyone' is so fearful
no one knows the future
animals are ready waiting on the rapture
Track Name: Blissed
woke up from a trippy nightmare
blissed out in the head
my brain is only an island
frightened light lives there
Track Name: Have You?
wake me wondering through the night
overrun it high overdone it right
there's nothing i wouldn't do for you
now there is nothing that i can do

please get over yourself
please get over everyone
your mother made it herself
and everybody asks how

how are you doing?
how are you?
please tell me the truth.
the uselessness of me
the uselessness of you
ending up as a bride
on the moon

water flowing everywhere
what a desperate daycare
children painting parents flying
children nailing nails
to make what won't ever sell

take my body from me
and i'm reduced to need
spend the night praying to jesus
to have jesus pray to me

he says
how are you doing?
how are you?
please tell me the truth
the uselessness of me
the uselessness of you
ending up as a bride
on a moon